Our Story

It starts with a leap of faith.  That, and an unyielding passion for coffee.

The Chaney brothers (Paul, Paxton, and Phillip) came to coffee like most people.  Getting the day started.  That first exposure, being the inevitable desire for a caffeinated cup, was supplanted one day by the first taste of something different.  It was a truly remarkable Brazilian yellow bourbon coffee that was roasted out of their dad’s garage some years ago.  It all started with that first cup.

From that first cup, there’s the discovery of the importance of freshness of the roast, the realizations that evolve from cupping different coffees from all over the world, and again, faith.  We kept roasting and taking notes.  Continually striving for perfection.  And when we were ready, we quit our day jobs and put our faith to the test.  Chaney Brothers Coffee was born.  We built our roasting facility singularly out of the desire to provide customers with the absolute best coffee experience.  From the farmers we choose to work with, the roast profiles for each bean, and ultimately the brew, we push for perfection to give you the best coffee we can.